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Buy from our range of felt shingles. Three colours, two profiles

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Including vat, each pack will cost :

  • Shingles - £31.99
  • Starter/Ridge - £29.31

1 Select Style and Colour
2 Packs Shingles
3 Packs Ridge
4 Advise Postcode
5 Place Order

Please select which style you require

Bourne Green Felt Shingles

Bourne Green

Bourne Grey Felt Shingles

Bourne Grey

Bourne Black Felt Shingles

Bourne Black

Bourne Red Felt Shingles

Bourne Red

Hexham Green Felt Shingles

Hexham Green

Hexham Grey Felt Shingles

Hexham Grey

Hexham Red Felt Shingles

Hexham Red

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