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Premium upgrade for Insulated Cabins

We would advise you take a serious look at upgrading the external doors and windows in your cabin if you are considering all year round use and therefore likely to add insulation for greater comfort. When adding insulation, our standard cabin units become the coldest point in the cabin and condensation is likely to manifest itself. Without careful management of this moisture, the timber is going to suffer. For this reason, we offer a premium product, the quality of which would be suitable for domestic brick built buildings, to avoid these problems occurring.

Key Features

  • Frames from 68mm timber
  • Quality fittings
  • Double glazed. 4:24:4
  • Thermo spacer
  • Thermal value Uw - 1.4
  • Painted


Timber windows and doors are produced from a high-quality laminated timber complete with FSC® Certification.

Product Finish

  • All surfaces planed and sanded using machines to achieve a suitable surface ready for finishing treatments
  • Impregnation protects from mould and provides a solid basis for further processing. Used impregnator has good antiseptic properties and is particularly effective against timber pests
  • First coating is a water-based primer after which the frames are soaked in baths of treatment
  • Acril is applied on all corner joints
  • Intermediate finishing layer (paint or stain)
  • A second manual sanding to roughen timber frames ready for a final finishing
  • Final layer of finishing: painting or staining (coating the timber windows and doors of 100 microns thick dry finishing film from the outside and 80 microns film from the inside)


  • The glazing units are produced by Pilkington glass
  • All glass units are filled with argon gas
  • Glazing spacer is grey in colour


  • Outward opening casement timber windows are mounted with Siegenia Aubi Titan hardware
  • Hinges are either Sterling or Avotec
  • Includes night vent position


Any room that is heated should be afforded appropriate levels of ventilation. This is important to prevent the build up of fungus, mould and other harmful microorganisms. Our premium quality units have a built in night vent function. If you require additional ventilation, we could also insert trimvents. This system requires a cut hole in a frame or sash which is protected by a hood from the outside and a vent canopy from the inside. Air penetration is adjustable using a sliding vent.

Upgrade Charges by Unit

Type Size Price
Small Window 700 x 910 £239.00
Tall Single Window 700 x 1300 £299.00
Double Window 1380 x 910 £409.00
Single Door 900 x 1995 £739.00
Double Door F/G 1800 x 1995 £1219.00
Double Door H/G 1800 x 1995 £1339.00

Note : The door units are taller than our standard items and as such require an additional row of wall logs to fit. Bear this in mind if you are restricted to a ridge height of 2.5m

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